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ACTION Cleaning Service was born 45 years ago when the original owner founded the company.  He established the company as one of the leading cleaning services in the state of NH.  After 30 years he passed the torch to a young, motivated couple with years of experience in the industry.  Andy and Ginny continued to operate ACS for another 15 years before finally calling it quits to spend more time with their family.  That's where I come in.  As the third and proud owner of ACTION Cleaning Service I strive everyday to uphold the company's legacy of high quality cleaning and unmatched customer service.  It is my mission and goal to make ACTION Cleaning Service the premier cleaning service in the Northeast.  The company may have humble beginnings, but we also have big dreams and have set a high bar for ourselves as well as the industry.  At ACS we aim to not only meet our client's expectations, but also go above and beyond and add the extra touches that leave you truly satisfied and proud to show off your home, office or restaurant to the world.

Our Services

residential housekeeping

These days we barely have enough time to play with our kids, get a hot meal on the table, do the dishes and finish a couple chores before it's time to sleep and get back up to do it all over again the next day.  With the hectic lifestyles of today's families it's hard enough to find quality time to spend together not to mention keep your house clean.  Maybe your a busy family with kids doing sports, a professional business person pulling long hours at the office or the socialite who would much rather be out on the town than cleaning around the house.  No matter the case, Action Cleaning Service is here to help take the task of cleaning your home off your To-Do List.  We want you to be proud of your house whether you're just living in it or entertaining guests.  Leave it to Action Cleaning Service to get your house looking its best and even keep it that way with a recurring cleaning schedule.

commercial office cleaning

Whether you're a large corporation with dozens of offices, a retail storefront with hundreds of customers passing through each day or a small office with a few visitors your office needs to look its best.  At Action Cleaning Service we want your business, office or store looking its absolute best for your employees and customers alike.  Your employees want a clean, fresh and healthy environment to work in and your customers deserve a well maintained place to patronize your business.  Leave all the details up to Action Cleaning Service so you can spend more time focusing on building your business and helping your customers.

restaurant cleaning

With a background in the restaurant industry of more than 10 years the owner of Action Cleaning Service has been a dishwasher, line cook, server, bartender and even a General Manager.  We can honestly say we have a deep understanding of the restaurant business as well as the level of cleanliness expected from not only staff or management, but the customers as well.  This background has allowed us to specialize in the cleaning of restaurants and food service establishments.  If you want your restaurant or place of business looking its absolute best for your customers then let Action Cleaning Service take care of the daily maintenance required to keep that clean, fresh look that your customers expect and deserve.  We will work with you to develop a cleaning plan that fits your business and will adapt accordingly as your needs change.

We have had Kyle out to our house 3 times now and have not been disappointed! He does a fantastic job, is very thorough and even takes some time to do a little extra above just cleaning. Today I came home to my kids beds made, stuffed animals neatly set by the pillows, books that were in a pile were nicely spread out on the bed and he even folded their “lovey” blankets. Having this service has allowed us to spend more time with our children and less time worrying about cleaning after getting home from work or spending the weekend catching up from the week. Worth every penny! Thanks Kyle!
— Karen


If you feel that ACTION Cleaning Service may be able to help you with your cleaning needs then feel free to send us a message and tell us what we can do for you.  We will respond to your message promptly.  We appreciate your consideration and will gladly answer any questions you may have about our services, offers or rates.  Fill out the form to send us a message or use the contact information below.

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